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'Follow the Line' Exhibition Installation

Thankfully, the random storms that had been sweeping across the Hunter in the lead up to installation day held off - we had sunshine-ish! I arrived at Nobby's Beach carpark on Tuesday morning to the big grins of Pete Simmons, Michele Heibel and Gina McDonald and before I could suppress it, my arm came up into a fist pump - this exhibition has been a long while in the making.

We trundled up to the lighthouse with our precious cargo and were quickly welcomed by Ronnie, the resident magpie, who likes to keep a close eye on everything going on at the lighthouse. I had the privilege of spending time here last year for Lighthouse Arts Artist in Residency program, and Ronnie would literally sing for his supper, putting on his best warbling song, hoping for even a skerrick of your lunch in return - nice try Ronnie, nice try.

As we sorted out spaces, artworks, hangers and more, Ronnie would wander into the gallery intermittently to check on our progress - what a cutie. Within four hours, we'd hung and installed around 50 pieces, including some beautiful poems written by members of the Hunter Writer's Centre that were inspired by our artworks - such a special addition to the show! Gina deftly unravelled the large printed poems and had them ready to hang in no time. One poem in particular by local writer Kerry Gittins was inspired by my portrait of Nancy...I had goosebumps reading it for the first time!

Here are a few more happy snaps from installation day, and a virtual walkthrough for those that won't be able to make the exhibition in person. We don't have a full catalogue with details of everyone's pieces, but if you are interested in any of mine, you can see the full catalogue of my works under the Follow the Line Exhibition here, including pricing - contact Lighthouse Arts Newcastle for purchasing enquiries and please be patient - they are a largely volunteer run organisation and do a wonderful job supporting our local artists!

Follow the Line Exhibition opening this Saturday, 1st April 2023

In the natural world, lines present themselves as migration paths for ocean dwellers, swirls of school fish, and distant horizons. Lines of the man-made kind are often more abrupt, presenting hard edges and defined shapes.

Four artists join with four writers to explore these ideas and invite you to follow their lines.

Saturday, April 1st - Sunday May 28 2023. Open Saturday & Sunday, 10am-4pm. Free to attend.

Featuring artists: Michèle Heibel, Peter Simmons, Laura Baker, and Linda Lunnon.

Featuring text work by Hunter Writers Centre members: Ronald Atilano, Kerry Gittin, Alison J Barton and Gail Hennessy.

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