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On our trip to Alaska in 2019, we stayed a few days in the coastal town of Seward, where they have a fantastic sealife centre. This is where we first came face to face with puffins, including this adorable, fluffed up horned puffin. The day after visiting the sanctuary, we had the absolute privilege of seeing wild puffins flying alongside the boat on our day trip off the coast! I was drawn to the quiet elegance of this pose, they have the most beautiful markings.


This piece received 2nd prize in the 2022 Singleton Art Prize (Pen, Pencil, Ink category).


11" x 14" Ink on scratchboard, finished in a black timber frame (56cm high x 47 cm wide) with non-reflective art glass, which minimises glare.


The scratchboard panel has been sprayed with several coats of an archival-quality, non-yellowing, U.V resistant satin varnish.

'Impeccable grooming' - original scratchboard

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