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One of my first scratchboard pieces after finishing Natural History Illustration and inspired by the butterfly bushes in our garden. At first, I loved the gorgeous flowers that dance about on thin tall stems, 'perfect garden fillers' I thought, as they abundantly and freely spread their seed and started popping up to fill in gaps...well they quickly turned into a weed and I spent the next few years ripping out the prolific seedlings. Would definitely recommend the sterile version of these plants if you'd like to enjoy them in your garden!


9" x 12" Ink on scratchboard, finished in a black timber frame (50cm high x 41 cm wide) with non-reflective art glass, which minimises glare.


The scratchboard panel has been sprayed with several coats of an archival-quality, non-yellowing, U.V resistant satin varnish.

'Dancing in the wind' - original scratchboard

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